Product Specifications

Adams supplies the following sandwich assemblies from stock, with dimensions listed in inches. We can also make custom sandwich magnet assemblies to meet your exact specifications. Contact us at 800-747-7543 if you don’t see what you’re looking for in this brief listing.

Item# Stock# Width Thickness Length Pull lbs View Print
62CA0001 SA-10-R 0.835 0.315 1.06 10
62CA0002 SA-10-C 0.844 0.313 1.06 16
65CB0001 SA-103C 0.844 0.563 1.06


62DC0001 SA-20 0.844 0.347 2.094 25
65E0001 SA-30 0.844 0.313 3.060 22
62CZ0002 SA-WELD 0.615 1.540 2.125 50
62CJ0001 SA-F 0.637 1 2.125 50

Design and handling considerations

Most of our magnetic assemblies are made with ceramic magnets, which are brittle and may break if dropped or if riveting is used in their application. Please use caution when handling channel magnets assemblies, their exceptional magnetic force may cause them to attract to metal (or to each other) so strongly that putting fingers in their path could prove painful.

What makes them so strong?

Ever wonder how our sandwich magnets work, and what makes them so strong? Find out on our blog!