Pre-Cut Magnetic Label Holders

Simply apply your adhesive inventory label to these strong magnets and place them on your shelves or racks. Magnetic labels are the perfect solution if your inventory moves frequently within your warehouse.

Item Piece Size Pieces / Box
28BPC5400 0.060 X 1.0 X 4.0” 1,000
28BPC9994 0.060 X 3.0 X 4.5” 1,000

C-Channel Magnetic Card Holders

Insert laser-printed cards into these strong magnetic channels for neat and easy marking of shelves, pallet racks or filing cabinets.

Item Piece or Roll Size
28HPC3400 1.0" X 4.0" Piece
28HPC2505 0.875" X 100' Roll
28HPC7501 2.0" X 50' Roll
28HPC9600 3.0" X 50' Roll
  Also available in custom sizes - just ask!
Write-On / Wipe-Off Magnetic Labels

Write-On / Wipe-Off Magnetic Labels

Item Roll Size
27A0025 0.030" X 1.0" X 100'
27A0026 0.030" X 2.0" X 100'
27A0027 0.030" X 3.0" X 100'
  Also available in cut pieces or scored on rolls - just ask!

Yellow Label Magnets

Black markers will make your part numbers stand out prominently against this bright yellow magnetic label.

Item Roll Size
29DY0051 0.030" X 1.0" X 50'
29DY0052 0.030" X 2.0" X 50'
  Other colors available - just ask!