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Adams Magnetic Products offers high-quality standard magnet assemblies backed by 70+ years of expertise.

Standard Assemblies Overview

Adams Magnetic Products excels in delivering superior standard magnet assemblies, including Round Base Magnets, Channel Assembly Magnets, Sandwich Assemblies, Electromagnets, Latch Magnets, and Pocket Magnets. Our extensive experience, spanning over 70 years, ensures that each product meets the highest standards of quality and performance. By offering customized fabrication and robust technical support, Adams provides precise and efficient solutions tailored to diverse applications in industries such as aerospace, automotive, medical, and retail, ensuring reliability and excellence in every assembly.

Adams is ready to be a part of your products with off-the-shelf and custom applications. Call us or email us to find out more.

Large selection or custom applications

We keep hundreds of thousands of standard magnetic assemblies in stock. We also make custom assemblies to serve any new application you come up with. Magnetic latches, electromagnets, pocket magnets and tool racks are also available to meet your project requirements.

Colors and packaging

Adams can produce our assemblies and devices in just about any finish or color. We can package them in individual bags or other the packaging types you specify.


Published pull strength of our standard magnetic assembly devices is measured on a flat steel plate 1/2″ thick. If your steel is thinner, coated or the surface is rough or rusty, the pull may vary. It is recommended that you obtain a sample for testing in your specific application. Want to know how we test pull strength, or read about the effect of an air gap? Click here!

Safety advisory

Please use caution when handling a magnetic assembly device. Their exceptional magnetic force may cause them to attract metal so strongly that holding them could result in injury to fingers.

Additionally, many of our magnetic assemblies are made with ceramic magnets, which are brittle and may break if dropped or if riveting is used in their application.
  • Other devices by Adams:
  • Cam-action Magnetic Lifts
  • Magnetic Chucks
  • Magnetic Multi-Lift Tools
  • Magnetic Picture Hangers
  • Magnetic Sweepers
  • Magnetic Viewing Paper
  • Pole Indicators
  • Tool Racks
  • Salvage Retrieving (Fishing) Magnets
  • Screwdriver Mag / DeMag Tool
  • Separation Grate Magnets
  • And many more…

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Adams is ready to be a part of your products with off-the-shelf and custom applications. Contact us to find out more.

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