Magnet Media Display

1. What is a Magnet Media Display?

It is a revolutionary new system used for signs and POP displays. It starts with a base of self-adhesive magnetic sheet material that is applied to the wall or similar surface only once during initial installation. If your wall is already magnetic receptive (ex. metal) Adams offers a double-sided magnetic sheet that can be applied without adhesive for easy removal. Then MAGbond® magnet receptive sheets are printed and applied over the magnet, quickly and easily using no adhesives – just the power of magnetism!

2. What is MAGbond®?

MAGbond® is Adams’ 60″ wide, 10 mil ultra-thin, ferrous, magnet receptive material. It has a semi-matte white PET laminate compatible with most UV curable and Latex ink printers. It works in combination with most flexible magnet sheet offerings and existing wall systems. Adams also offers a 13 mil MAGbond® with a high white point art paper laminate, which is even more cost effective. It can be used with UV curable, Latex, Laser Print, Offset and Flexo printers.

3. What is MegaMAG™?

MegaMAG™ is Adams Magnetic Products’ wide format flexible magnet sheet, available in both 40″ and 48″ widths, and in 20 or 30 mil thickness. It is a versatile product that can be used for most print media applications. MegaMAG™ is available plain, with adhesive or with a printable PET white vinyl laminate that can be used with most print systems that can run magnetic sheet material. This product works well with our MAGbond® magnet receptive product, and provides designers with the opportunity to create a truly impressive and seamless display measuring a full 50″ wide.

4. What types of applications are appropriate for the Magnet Media System?

These materials are most commonly used for in-store graphics in retail environments, as well as menu boards, control charts, museum displays and educational displays in schools or other venues. This product line is rapidly growing in popularity, and new applications are being discovered on a regular basis.

5. What makes the Magnet Media Display a better choice?

Since many indoor displays are subjected to a high change-out (turnover), the Magnet Media Display provides an easier and more economical way to switch displays in just a few minutes, without any mess, or sticky glues and tape that can damage the display. This capability gives businesses the ability to react quicker to changes in marketing strategies without excessive cost.

6. How is the display system installed?

Attach the self-adhesive magnet media to a wall. This is as simple as peeling the protective backing off from the roll and applying it to the wall. The process is similar to the way wallpaper is attached, but without the messy paste. Then, just attach your signs or displays to the magnetic backing. Roll them on, smooth out any wrinkles, and you’re done!

7. How are signs changed with this system?

Once the system is in place the process of changing signs is as simple as peeling off the old sign and attaching the new one in its place. New signs can also be rolled right over the existing graphics. This can be done for up to four layers of receptive material on top of the magnet base.

8. Is the Magnet Media Display a “green” product?

Digitally printable, wide format magnetic substrates are also becoming more popular due to the Earth-friendly, green, recyclable nature of the materials.

9. How do I order a Magnet Media Display?

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