Alnico Magnets

Alnico Magnet Grades

Adams supplies Alnico bar magnets, rod magnets and other shapes of Alnico holding magnets in grades 2, 3, 5, 6, 5 - 7, 8 and 9.

Alnico 5: Our most popular and cost-efficient alnico grade

Alnico 5 is the most common energy product we provide to the industrial market. It is the only alnico grade that will achieve the 5 million energy product level, using a typical composition for random grain alloy and processing methods making it the low cost choice for 5 million energy product applications.

The same energy level can be achieved by other grades of Alnico magnets but not with the cost-efficient material and processing value of Alnico 5. That's why it is so popular with our customers.

Why Choose Adams?

Adams stocks a variety of shapes, sizes and grades of Alnico magnets. Alnico 5 is the grade most widely used but we also offer Alnico 2, 3, 5 ,6 , 5 - 7, 8 and 9. Adams provides in-house cutting and grinding to meet your application requirements. We also provide magnetic circuit design assistance to enable you to choose the proper material and the proper size magnet to perform the task you require.

Products Overview

Adams offers a wide selection of Alnico magnet products.

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What to know

While Alnico magnets are more expensive than flexible or ceramic magnets, they are excellent for high temperature use, and readily available in magnetic rods or bars. Close tolerances can be held when grinding magnets to meet customer specifications. Alnico magnets also provide outstanding stability and corrosion resistance.

Machining & Tolerances

Alnico is hard and brittle (45-55 Rockwell C), and is not suitable for drilling, tapping or conventional machining operations. Standard tolerances for ground dimensions are +/-.005". Tolerances for as cast dimensions vary with the actual part size. Un-ground surfaces are gray to dark brown in color but are bright metallic after grinding.

Temperature Considerations

Alnico has the lowest temperature coefficient of any commercial magnet material, providing for excellent stability over a wide temperature range. A properly designed circuit using Alnico magnets will have a stable flux output during temperature fluctuations. The maximum operating temperature for Alnico is approximately 1000°F.


Alnico magnets can be partially demagnetized if like poles of magnets are brought together. Placing individual magnets in contact with ferrous materials can also partially demagnetize them. Care must be exhibited in handling magnetized magnets. Typical Alnico 5 applications require a long magnetic length to pole surface ratio (usually 4:1 or greater) to insure reliable magnetic performance.

Common Applications

Alnico magnets are used for the following applications:

• Air Turbine Generators
• Dynamos
• Magnetos
• Motors
• Separators
• Sensors
• Security systems
• Relays