Product Specifications

Dimensions are listed in inches. Blocks listed below are magnetized through the thickness. Additional sizes, magnetization methods, and grade choices are also available upon request and may be on hand from stock. Contact us at 800-763-4795 if you don’t see what you’re looking for in this brief listing.

Item# Thickness Width Length Grade
55C0058 0.188 1.000 1.500 26
55C0016 0.250 0.375 1.000 18
55C0033 0.500 1.000 2.000 26

Applications for Samarium Cobalt

High-performance permanent magnet motors, medical instruments, magnetic couplings, magnetic bearings, gyroscopes, accelerometers, voice coil motors, particle accelerators, sputtering deposition, Halbach arrays, magnetic separation devices, speakers, microphones, undulators, wigglers, particle beam focusing devices, and many others. 

Demagnetization Curves

A second quadrant demagnetization curve provides information about the magnetic characteristics of a magnet, including the magnetic field strength and how resistant it is to demagnetize. How it is used in a magnetic circuit will affect its performance. When a permanent magnet is fully magnetized, its magnetic domains are aligned. Certain conditions such as temperature and reverse magnetic fields can cause some of the domains to lose this alignment and reverse, triggering the magnet to lose some or all of its magnetic field. 

View our SmCo demagnetization curves here.