Your One-Stop Industrial Magnet Store

Founded in 1950, Adams Magnetic Products is a custom manufacturer, fabricator and distributor of all types of permanent magnets, magnetic assemblies and magnet media systems. Our technical experts are here to help solve your magnetic needs. Whether its sizing a magnet to fit an application, choosing the most cost effective material, or helping you get started installing a MAGbond® Magnet Media System, we are here to help. Our team of technical experts is ready to participate in KAIZEN events, LEAN activities, and other Value Analysis/Value Engineering (VAVE) programs. With foreign and domestic assembly operations, and years of in-depth magnet experience, you can rely on Adams Magnetic Products to be your partner in all things magnetic.

Quick-Turn Project?

Adams stocks a large variety and quantity of the most popular magnetic products and has the capabilities to produce magnets of virtually any shape and size. You can even order our most popular products online for quick prototyping and proof of concept.

Quality in Everything We Do!

We are proud to publicize our ISO 9001:2008 certification and ITAR registration. We are committed to delivering outstanding value to our customers at every opportunity. We define value as having the right products available at the right time and delivering them as promised, defect-free, at competitive prices.

Popular Magnetic Products