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  • Magnets: Stock or Custom

    Adams’ industrial strength magnets are used in thousands of applications. We have all of the sizes, styles and materials you can imagine. If there isn't a stock size that meets your requirements, we can custom make magnets to your specifications

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  • Powerful Magnet Assemblies

    Adams Magnetic Products produced the first round base magnet assembly back in 1950, and while that same model is still a best-seller, we've come a long way since then. Every year we build thousands of custom magnet assemblies to meet the exact needs in our customers' projects.

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  • Magnet Strip and Sheet in All Sizes

    Whether you need magnet strip as narrow as inch or sheet as wide as 50 inches, we’ve got it! If it’s not already on the shelf we can make it for you in our Elmhurst, IL or Irvine, CA fabrication facilities, usually in three days or less!

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About Adams Magnetic Products

Adams Magnetic Products has been a leader in engineering and manufacturing magnetic products since 1950. Unlike other suppliers, we handle each step of the process ourselves, manufacturing, fabricating, and distributing our products to provide our customers superior service. Our engineers can design custom magnets using a variety of materials for any application you need.

Magnetic Product Resources

We work with our customers to help design the magnets you need, plan requirements, and remind you when your stock is low. Our resources page includes information about sandwich assemblies, round base assembles, product catalogs, and more.

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Custom & Common Magnetic Applications

Our team at Adams Magnetic Products can provide custom magnets for any number of industrial and consumer uses, but we also carry a range of products for common applications including:

Electric Guitar Pickup

Magnets for Pickups

Magnetic pickups are a component of electric guitars. Wire is coiled around the magnet, creating a magnetic field; when strings vibrate in the field, the coil detects this and creates a voltage, which causes sound. We supply neodymium, alnico magnets for pickups as well as ceramic magnets for pickups.

Magnetic Box

Package Closures

Magnets offer a much easier mechanism for opening and closing packaging than latches and snaps. We offer a variety of strengths for all purposes, from flexible magnet material to neodymium magnets.

Car Stick Shift

Hall Effect Sensors

We supply neodymium, alnico, ceramic, samarium cobalt, and high energy flexible magnets for sensor applications. They can be used to sense position, velocity, and/or direction and they come in shapes, sizes, and prices for every possible use.

Car Engine

Motor Applications

We manufacture and distribute magnets for use in motors, generators, and actuators. When strength is of paramount importance, choose rare earth magnets like samarium cobalt or neodymium. For more lightweight applications, ferrite (ceramic) magnets are often suitable.

Retail Sign

Point of Purchase & Sign Applications

Our magnet sheets, receptive material, latches, and assemblies can all be used to create signs and POP displays for retail and other applications. Our clients appreciate our fast turnaround for custom orders.

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