Man Creating Custom Made Magnetic Assemblies

At Adams, we look beyond the magnet to the application and help drive cost savings opportunities with our customers. Our technical staff can assist in streamlining the design of your assembly as well as help assure you are using the most appropriate magnet for your application. Our team of technical experts is ready to participate in KAIZEN events, LEAN activities, and other Value Analysis/Value Engineering (VAVE) programs. With foreign and domestic assembly operations, and years of in depth magnet experience, you can rely on Adams Magnetic Products to be your partner in all things magnetic.

Experience that Counts

Adams Magnetic Products produced the first round base magnet assembly back in 1950, and while that same model is still a best-seller, we’ve come a long way since then. Together with partners like Falcon, Cisco, Plexus and Polyvision, Adams has built thousands of custom magnet assemblies.

We have local manufacturing and fabrication facilities in Chicago, the heart of industrial design in America. Adams is equipped to fabricate large and small volumes of custom assemblies, and can work with any and all magnet materials. We can provide engineering assistance to your design, or we can work from your established print. We can also source all necessary components required to create a complete assembly, ready to go into your end product.

No Challenge Too Great

Give us your challenge and we’ll meet it with over 50 years of experience and ingenuity. We have many contacts and can help you be very creative in meeting the requirements of your project. For example, we have helped customers save money on tooling by employing water jet cutting on small quantities of metal components.

Magnet Coatings and Covers

Coatings and Covers

We can provide coatings to meet any requirement:

  • e-coating (automotive grade)
  • military coatings
  • salt spray resistanceand more… just ask.
Custom Magnet Assembly Mounting Options

Mounting Options

We have developed a good understanding of which mounting options work best for different applications. We’re masters at:

  • PEM nuts (male, female)
  • open eye or closed loop eye bolts
  • clamps
  • hooks
  • electrical connectors
  • pipe connectors

and more.

Contact us today with your ideas, and we’ll help you bring them to life.

From the simple to the complex

Adams Magnetic Products has you covered for all your assembly needs. Let our team of experts evaluate your assembly process to see if outsourcing is a viable option. We offer assemblies of ferrous and non-ferrous materials, large to small, and everything in between. From simple round base, channel, and sandwich assemblies, to highly-technical electronic and electromechanical designs, Adams has the knowledge, expertise and procedures in place to meet even the most stringent of quality standards. Adams is an ISO 9001:2015 certified and ITAR registered company.