Made from ferrite or rare earth powder and rubber polymer resin, flexible magnetic strips and sheets can be easily bent and manipulated to fit curved or irregular spaces. These cost-effective and versatile magnets allow for greater design flexibility and innovation in a range of applications, from point-of-purchase (POP) displays and vehicle signage to complex automation assemblies.

Adams Magnetic Products is a full-service provider of flexible magnet strips, sheets, and other magnetic products that can be customized in various ways to fit the customer’s specifications. Ferrite-based flexible magnets are available from 0.6-1.8 MGOe, while those with Rare Earth-based materials can reach 6 MGOe. Grading varies by composition.

Why Choose Adams for Flexible Magnets?

Adams can fabricate flexible magnets to your final desired size and color. We can also tell you right now how many pieces of your final size magnet you can get out of a 200 SF roll of magnetic sheet. And how much your order will weigh based on how many pieces you want. Just open our sheet size calculator and plug in the size and total quantity, and we’ll tell you how many pieces per roll and the approximate weight of the shipment.

Strip Magnets

We offer several options for strip and sheet orders!  Just to name a few:

  • Selection of paper, vinyl, and polypropylene laminates
  • Indoor, outdoor, and foam adhesives
  • Lamination on two sides
  • Magnetized on both sides
  • Un-magnetized
  • Splice-free rolls available upon request
  • Custom magnetization such as matched pole
  • Custom pole spacing
  • Slit sheet widths from 2″ (50.8 mm)
  • Scored strip rolls from 0.25″ X 0.25″ on rolls up to 1500′
  • Maximum sheet width of 60″
  • Cut sheets  and die-cut shapes
  • Custom packaging

Size Range

Size Parameter Strip Sheet
Smallest Width 0.25″ 2.0″
Largest Width 3.0″ 60.0″
Shortest Length 0.25″ 2.0″
Longest Length 1500 Feet 400 Feet
Smallest Piece size 0.25 X 0.25″ 2.0″ X 2.0″
Largest Roll Size 3″ X 1500 Feet 60″ X 50 Feet or 24″ by up to 600 Feet

Sheet & Strip Stock Selection

Adams offers a wide selection of Sheet & Strip magnet products. Click on your desired product type for stock product specifications.

Magnetic Strip

Magnetic Strip

Our magnet strip is made in the USA and is available in rolls or pieces, plain, with adhesive, or with color laminates

High Energy Magnet Strip

High Energy Magnet Strip

A stronger version of our standard magnetic strip, made in energy levels of 1.0 to 1.6 for more holding strength

Magnetic Sheet

Magnetic Sheet

Standard magnet sheet is 24” wide and comes plain, with adhesive, or with matte or gloss white laminates

Wide Format Magnet Sheet

Wide Format Magnet Sheet

Adams’ MegaMAG™ available in 40” or 48” in plain, with adhesive, or with direct print laminate options

Magnetic Labels

Magnetic Labels

Everything you need for magnetic labels, including pre-cut and write-on / wipe-off options, yellow and more

Matched Pole Strip

Matched Pole Strip

Apply magnets face-to-face or even side-to-side without worrying about aligning the poles!

Magnet Receptive

Magnet Receptive

We offer magnet receptive foil tape, lightweight metal sheet with paper surface and even printable ferrous sheet!

Types of Flexible Sheet & Strip Magnets

We have a wide variety of Sheet & Strip Flexible Magnets here at Adams Magnetic Products. Variations include:

Standard Energy Magnet Strip

Available in rolls or as individual units, our durable standard energy magnetic strips are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications and can be fabricated to various dimensions. We can also customize the adhesive, laminate, and magnetization upon request. Thickness typically drives the strength of flexible magnets, and thicker = stronger!

Common applications for our standard energy magnet strips include:

  • Displays
  • Window and door seals
  • Package closures
  • Fasteners
  • Labeling
  • Toys and games
  • Arts and crafts

High-Energy Flexible Magnet Strip

For projects requiring maximum strength and stability, we offer high-energy flexible magnet strips in a variety of standard and custom sizes and shapes. Available in energy levels ranging from 1.0 to 1.4, these high-strength magnets are extremely resistant to demagnetization, cracking, and chipping. They can be magnetized through the material’s thickness in a range of configurations, and adhesives or vinyl can be added upon request.

Applications for high-energy flexible magnet strips may include:

  • Sensors
  • Door latches
  • Magnetic assemblies
  • Arts and crafts

Standard Flexible Magnetic Sheet

Adams magnetic sheet uses multi-pole magnetization pattern for maximum holding power of up to 144 pounds per square foot. Standard grade materials are significantly stronger on one side and can have adhesives and vinyl applied to the weak side. Double magnetization is available by custom order, which will give both sides similar pull strength. These sheets can be cut or die-cut to it virtually any size and shape. A range of standard and custom thicknesses, colors, and adhesives are also available.

Flexible magnetic sheets are ideal for:

Printable Wide-Format Magnet Sheet

Our printable wide-format magnetic sheets are available in widths ranging from 40-60 inches, making them perfect for wide-format print media applications. Laminate options include matte white waterproof PVC, white dry erase, and other substrates upon request. An all-purpose acrylic adhesive can also be added.

Our printable wide-format magnet sheets see frequent use in applications such as:

Recyclable Print Magnet Sheet

GreenMAG™ print magnet sheets are fabricated by applying a durable printable coating directly to the sheet, making them 100% recyclable and eliminating the need for a laminated printing surface. This prevents delamination issues and facilitates easier, cleaner cutting due to the absence of an adhesive. Our recyclable print magnet sheets are available in standard and custom configurations and roll sizes.

Recyclable print magnet sheets have applications such as:

  • Indoor and outdoor displays
  • Menu boards
  • Interchangeable graphics
  • Vehicle signs

ClingMAG™ Magnet Sheet with Micro-Suction

Our thin, lightweight ClingMAG™ magnet sheets incorporate a micro-suction silicon layer that reduces magnet particle migration while increasing the sheet’s holding force to over 220 pounds per square foot. Featuring matte white vinyl print surfaces, these magnet sheets are compatible with both UV-curable and screen print ink sets. ClingMAG™ magnet sheets are best suited for use with smooth steel surfaces such as steel doors, elevators, and vehicles.

Magnetic Labels

We offer a range of magnetic labels that can be conveniently attached and removed from various magnetically receptive surfaces. Options include pre-cut and C-channel cardholders, write-on/wipe-off labels, yellow labels, inkjet-printable magnets, and document pockets.

Applications for magnetic labels include:

  • Warehouse and store labeling
  • Price tag holders
  • Nameplates
  • Control charts

Flexible Matched Pole Strip

When used with A/B rolls, our flexible matched pole strips allow the direction of alignment to be mixed and matched without encountering repelling forces. We offer the following two options:

  • EdgeMAG™, a thin, flexible strip that provides side-to-side and front-to-back holding power
  • MatchMAG™, a matched pole strip designed for face-to-face applications

These flexible matched pole strip solutions are used in:


Selecting the right adhesive is critical to product function and depends on the type of material you apply our magnets to and under what conditions they will be used.  We have several options to work for indoor applications, outdoor applications, or when more tack is required.  We can supply our magnets with almost any type of adhesive available, including foam and permanent or removable adhesive.  To view and download our standard adhesive specifications, click here. Or for advice and our whitepaper on how to choose the best adhesive for your project, give us a call or click here.

Acrylic Adhesives

Adams magnetic sheet uses APAA (All Purpose Acrylic Adhesive) is good for most paper, cardboard, plastic, painted surfaces, and most clean, dry metal surfaces. Note: Acrylic adhesives normally require 12 to 24 hours to meet maximum bond strength. The hold-in-place tack is immediate, but full hold strength requires chemical cure time, like with most other adhesives.

Benefits of Using Flexible MagnetsSheet Magnets

The easy manipulation of flexible magnets permits design innovations and automated manufacturing techniques not possible with rigid or brittle materials. Flexible magnet materials can be bent, twisted, coiled, slit, punched, and machined into almost any shape without losing magnetic energy.

Adams Magnetic Products’ Fabrication Capabilities

From off-the-shelf stock products to completely customized configurations, we are equipped to provide personalized magnet solutions that match your application’s exact needs. We offer the following customization options:

  • Foam, rubber, acrylic, and double-faced adhesives
  • Wide range of thicknesses, lengths, and widths
  • Cutting, scoring, and die-cutting
  • Paper, vinyl, and polypropylene laminates
  • Magnetization options:
    • Unmagnetized
    • Magnetized on both sides
    • Custom magnetization, such as matched pole
    • Custom pole spacing
  • Custom packaging
  • Splice-free rolls upon request

After determining your desired magnet size and total product quantity, our easy-to-use sheet size calculator can calculate the number of magnets that can be obtained from a single roll and the estimated weight of your final order.

Flexible Sheet & Strip Magnets from Adams Magnetic Products

As a full-service manufacturer, Adams Magnetic Products is qualified and equipped to provide support with everything from magnet design and testing to product packaging. Offering both ready-to-ship products and customized solutions, we work closely with clients to satisfy even the most complex design and magnetization requests.

To learn more about our flexible magnet products and capabilities, check out the links below:

Please contact us to discuss how our magnet solutions can benefit your application.


GreenMAG Recyclable Printable Sheet

GreenMAG uses a durable printable coating applied directly to our magnet sheet, eliminating the need for a laminated print surface. This makes it completely recyclable. Available up to 40″ wide.

PDF iconGreenMag Flyer.pdf

Adams Stock Products Catalog 2018

We are delighted to share our 2018 catalog with you. We’ve added updated information about our fabrication capabilities, available in Elmhurst, IL and Carlsbad, CA. We’ve also added new neodymium holding assemblies, a MAGbond Magnetic Media System overview, and high energy wide-format magnetic sheet (40″ wide and still printable!). If you’d prefer to receive a hard copy of this catalog, let us know.

PDF iconAdams Catalog 2018.pdf

Adams ClingMAG Magnet Sheet with Micro-Suction

ClingMAG™ combines two separate holding technologies, magnetic holding force, and micro-suction holding force to produce a thinner and lighter magnet that addresses potential challenges with magnet signage. The micro-suction silicon layer on the back helps to reduce magnet particle migration while it increases the holding force of the magnet, keeping it from sliding.

PDF iconClingMAG.pdf

Flexible Magnet Cleaning and Storage

PDF iconmagnet_sign_cleaning.pdf

High Tack 2 mil Rubber Indoor Adhesive