Our Latex Paint That Turns Walls into Magnetic Receptive Surfaces

MAGBond® Magnetic Receptive Paint is a latex paint containing fine metal powder that can hold magnet sheets for a variety of applications – including the MAGBond® Magnet Media System. Using MAGBond® paint, and the Adams’ .040 high energy, two-sided magnet can eliminate the need for adhesives during installation. MAGBond® paint is also easy to apply, dries quickly and cleans up with soap and water.

MAGBond® Magnetic Receptive Paint

Part # Description Size
22MP003 MAGBond® Magnetic Receptive Paint Gallon Can


• Attracts magnets with fine metal powder
• Water-based acrylic latex paint makes it easy to apply and clean up
• Lead-free and low VOC
• Will hold through a topcoat with any latex or enamel paint if desired
• Developed to work with the MAGBond® Magnet Media System

Application Tools Requirements

• Standard short 1/4” nap paint roller is recommended
• Foam rollers are not recommended
• Use a brush for cutting in, and drop cloth and painter’s tape where needed

Painting Process

1. Stir or shake MAGBond® Magnetic Receptive Paint thoroughly to mix the metal powder in the paint. Do not thin or mix this product with another paint. You may thin it with up to 5% water if too thick. Stir paint throughout application.
2. Apply Paint to a smooth, dry, clean surface. Best temperatures for painting are 68-86˚F with relative humidity at 30-50%.
3. For best results, apply at least 2 or more coats of paint. Wait at least 1 hour between coats.
4. Allow final paint coat to dry 24 hours before applying topcoat or magnet sheets.
5. Clean rollers and brushes with mild soap and water.
6. For a smooth surface, you may sand with #320 grit sandpaper before applying topcoat.

If you have any questions about our MAGBond® Magnetic Receptive Paint, or need help estimating how much to order, please visit the Adams Magnetic contact page, or give us a call at (800) 747-7543