Our Latex Paint That Turns Walls into Magnetic Receptive Surfaces

MAGBond® Magnetic Receptive Paint is a latex paint containing fine metal powder that can hold magnet sheets for a variety of applications – including the MAGBond® Magnet Media System. Using MAGBond® paint, and the Adams’ .040 high energy, two-sided magnet can eliminate the need for adhesives during installation. MAGBond® paint is also easy to apply, dries quickly and cleans up with soap and water.

Made to order.


• Attracts magnets with fine metal powder
• Water-based acrylic latex paint makes it easy to apply and clean up
• Lead-free and low VOC
• Will hold through a topcoat with any latex or enamel paint if desired
• Developed to work with the MAGBond® Magnet Media System

Application Tools Requirements

• Standard short 1/4” nap paint roller is recommended
• Foam rollers are not recommended
• Use a brush for cutting in, and drop cloth and painter’s tape where needed

Painting Process

1. Stir or shake MAGBond® Magnetic Receptive Paint thoroughly to mix the metal powder in the paint. Do not thin or mix this product with another paint. You may thin it with up to 5% water if too thick. Stir paint throughout the application.
2. Apply Paint to a smooth, dry, clean surface. The best temperatures for painting are 68-86˚F with relative humidity at 30-50%.
3. For best results, apply at least 2 or more coats of paint. Wait at least 1 hour between coats.
4. Allow the final paint coat to dry 24 hours before applying topcoat or magnet sheets.
5. Clean rollers and brushes with mild soap and water.
6. For a smooth surface, you may sand with #320 grit sandpaper before applying topcoat.

If you have any questions about our MAGBond® Magnetic Receptive Paint or need help estimating how much to order, please visit the Adams Magnetic contact page, or give us a call at (800) 747-7543