ITAR Registered

Adams Magnetic Products, LLC manufactures several items for the defense industry as either a direct contractor or as a subcontractor. In order for Adams to be registered and to comply with ITAR, we are required to meet numerous requirements related to company structure, documentation, corporate policy, training, and procedures. To meet those requirements, Adams has submitted the necessary certification documentation to the Department of State that demonstrates that we have the knowledge, understanding and systems in place to fully comply with the Arms Export Control Act (AECA) and International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR).

What is the purpose of ITAR?

Congress passed ITAR and AECA in 1976. The United States Department of State implements and manages compliance of those articles and services that are designated by the President of the U.S. and are listed in what is called the United States Munitions List (USML).

Export Controls prohibit exports of the listed articles and services as well as their related technical data to certain countries and individuals, requiring licenses to export certain items, and requiring licenses to export technology, including software. The purposes of Export Controls are to protect national security, to prevent terrorist activities and to protect U.S. commercial interests. Unauthorized transfer of even low-level articles or technical information can potentially jeopardize national security.

How does this benefit my company?

Being ITAR Registered allows Adams to fabricate magnets and magnetic products for companies that are in the defense and military industries or for companies that have defense and military requirements for their own customers. This ensures that your parts are being manufactured by a company that complies with the U.S. government regulations and that your plans and designs will stay safe while on our premises or in our possession.

If your company has a requirement for ITAR registered products Adams Magnetic Products, LLC will be happy to assist you with your procurement and manufacturing needs. Please contact with your regulated plans for quotation. We look forward to the possibility of doing business with you.