Cost effective, creative and universally accessible

Magnetic packaging closures offer unique solutions for creative ingenuity, while providing features such as easy-to-open devices, and strong repeat closure technologies.

Packages Closed With Magnetic Closures

As package designers and engineers explore options for magnetic closures, Adams’ engineering team is on-call to assist at any stage of the design process – from the initial planning and development, to performance improvements, to final product enhances. As one of the oldest domestic manufacturers of magnetic products, Adams ensures that customers receive the best quality and value for their needs.

Our most popular product combinations for packaging closures include:


Flexible magnet material can be bent and flexed without affecting its performance. Adams can cut, score or die cut to match any shape requirements. This product is not recommended for hidden closure applications as it’s strength does not reach through barriers well, and needs to be applied directly to matching flexible magnet or to steel.


Neodymium magnets matched with steel strike plates offer a stronger alternative to flexible magnets, and can be used for many hidden closure applications. Ask us about balancing the size of magnet to strike plate. Often it’s best to have a larger diameter strike plate than magnet. Both our magnets and our strike plates can be supplied with adhesive on one side, saving you time and effort.


Looking for a real “snap!” closure? Magnet to magnet closures marrying neodymium magnets will give you the strongest closure solution, whether the magnets are hidden or exposed. For the most strength in a small package, try our TabMAG magnets. These compact magnetic discs with adhesive backing and a new, easy pull-tab are the strongest package closure magnet on the market. Whether clearly visible or completely hidden from view these attractive magnets offer near limitless potential for creating convenient, durable and reuseable high-end packaging that carry a company’s brand far beyond the initial product purchase.