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Roll Of Flexible Magnet Sheet

Magnetic Sheet Features

Our magnetic sheets are laminated with a pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) that will provide optimal adhesion when applied correctly.

Application should be made onto a flat, dry surface, after first removing any contaminants such as dirt or oils. Avoid extreme heat or cold, which could impact PSA flow. Apply with firm, equal pressure – 12 hours of pressure is recommended to obtain optimal flow and adhesion.

Substrate application should be completed with one year of product delivery to assure optimum performance.

Calculate Yield

Want to know how many pieces of your final size magnet you can get out of a 200 SF roll of magnetic sheet? Or how much your order will weigh based on how many pieces you want? Check out our sheet size calculator!

Custom Magnet Sizes and Shapes

Adams can cut, slit, score or die cut magnetic sheet to your required piece size and shape. Scoring allows the pieces to remain in roll format. This is especially useful when adhesive is applied and your employees need to pull the magnet from the liner during production. Our flexible magnet fabrication process offers a wide range of options to meet your magnet needs. Contact us for all of your magnetic sheeting needs.

Adams magnetic sheeting is two feet wide by 50 feet long, making 100 SF (Square Feet) rolls. Other magnet sheet roll lengths available from stock, please contact us for details. Standard thicknesses are .015, .020, .030 and .060, but other thicknesses are available. Additional colors and adhesive choices are also available upon request.

Standard Energy 100 SF Rolls by Thickness (24 inches wide by 50 Ft long)

Laminate .015 Item .020 Item .030 Item .060 Item
Plain (no laminate) 22A0001 22B0003 22D0002 22E0002
White Matte Vinyl 22A0007 22B0014 22D0018 22E0011
Indoor Adhesive 22A0003 22B0006 22D0005 22E0003
Outdoor Adhesive 22A0015 22B0008 22D0007 22E0004

High Energy 24" Magnet Sheet (50' long)

Item Thickness Laminate
22N0108 .020 Adhesive
22N0113 .030 Adhesive
22N0103 .060 Adhesive

Double-Sided Magnet Sheet:

Item Thickness Laminate
22KHE01 .040 None / Plain

Approximate Magnetic Sheet Shipping Weight in Pounds

Thickness 50 Sq Ft 100 Sq Ft 200 Sq Ft
.015 15 30 60
.020 24 48 96
.030 31 63 126
.060 62 126 N/A



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