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What is Scored Magnet Strip?

Scored Magnet Strip

Adams can cut through the magnet and adhesive leaving the adhesive liner intact. One advantage to scored materials is that it is still in roll form and therefore easier to handle and store. It is also easier to work with as handlers can simply remove pieces as they need them without having to meticulously remove the liner as they would have to if we supplied individually cut pieces.


Unless otherwise specified, the following tolerances apply to all our flexible magnetic products:

  • Thickness: +/- 0.003"
  • Width for magnet strip: +/- 0.030"
  • Width for magnet sheet: +/-0.060" for sheet
  • Custom Lengths: +/-0.060" or 1%, whichever is greater

Custom Die-Cut Magnets

We can die cut magnet sheet to virtually any shape you can imagine, in thicknesses ranging from .010" (.254 mm) to .125” ( 3.175 mm). Plain magnet, magnetic sheet with adhesive, or colored vinyl may be applied prior to die-cutting. We also offer paper laminates. 

Slit Sheet Rolls 2 to 20 Inches Wide

Adams can slit magnet sheet into full 25, 50 or 100-foot rolls in widths as narrow as 2”, with a precision tolerance of +/- .060”.

Fabrication Process

Adams flexible magnets are offered in custom widths, thicknesses, and lengths. Our flexible magnet is available either plain or with a range of adhesive options including foam, rubber, acrylic, and double-faced. We also offer cutting, scoring, die cutting, and custom magnetization.

Available Options for Adams Flexible Magnets

Magnet Fabrication

  • Selection of paper, vinyl, and polypropylene laminates
  • Indoor, outdoor, and foam adhesives
  • Lamination on two sides
  • Slit sheet widths from 2" (50.8 mm)
  • Scored strip rolls from 0.25" X 0.25" on rolls up to 1500' depending on material thickness
  • Maximum sheet width of 60"
  • Cut sheets
  • Die-cutting
  • Custom packaging
  • Splice-free rolls upon request
  • Magnetized on both sides
  • Lamination on both sides
  • Un-magnetized
  • Custom magnetization such as matched pole
  • Custom pole spacing

Range of Fabricated Flexible Magnet Sizes

Size Parameter Strip Sheet
Smallest Width 0.25" 2.0"
Largest Width 3.0" 50.0"
Shortest Length 0.25" 2.0"
Longest Length 1500 Feet (depends on thickness) 400 Feet
Smallest Piece size 0.25" X 0.25" 2.0" X 2.0"
Largest Roll Size 3" X 1500 Feet 48" X up to 400 Feet or 24" by up to 600 Feet

Calculate Yield

Want to know how many pieces of your final size magnet you can get out of a 200 SF roll of magnetic sheet? Or how much your order will weigh based on how many pieces you want? Check out our sheet size calculator!

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