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Magbond Magnetic Media With Text Saying Hot Prices
Why MAGbond®?

MAGbond® Magnetic Media – Perfect for:

  • In-Store Graphics
  • Menu Boards
  • Museum & Educational Displays
  • Control Charts
  • The Possibilities are Endless

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Magbond Magnetic Media With Text Saying 30% Off
MAGbond® advantages over other brands:
  1. MAGbond® has a smoother application surface (backside), providing for better / stronger adhesion to the magnet
  2. MAGbond® offers a brighter white point (PET) than others on the market
  3. MAGbond® lays perfectly, consistently flat where as other products tend to curl
  4. Adams can fabricate it down from rolls in 3 days or less to the customers desired sheet size
Magbond Magnetic Media With Text Saying Hot Prices - 30% Off
Magbond Stock Selection
Adams offers a wide selection of Magbond magnet products. Click on your desired product type for stock product specifications.
MAGbond®ultra-thin, rubber-based ferrous sheets in rolls or sheets with various laminates
MAGbond® magnet receptive paint to make any surface hold our magnet base
Magnets with adhesive or without, double or single size magnetization
Adams’ MegaMAG™ available in 40” or 48” plain or with adhesive

How MAGbond® Works

  1. Prep your wall or solid surface area - For best results, walls or surface areas need to be smooth, dry and clean of dirt. This is now when you can apply our MAGbond® Magnetic Paint, or prepare to apply the magnet base.
  2. Choose your base - For surfaces not painted with magnetic paint, our self-adhesive magnetic sheeting is the base for the MAGbond® Magnet Media System. You can choose from standard energy or high energy sheets depending on how many MAGbond® magnetic receptive sheets you will be using. Choose our double sided high energy magnet sheet if the walls have been painted with magnetic paint.
  3. Choose your print media - The MAGbond®magnetic receptive sheet comes in 50”, 54” or 60” widths depending on your choice of our white paper, PET laminate or canvas sheets. Engineered to be ultra-low profile, MAGbond®sheets deliver the seamless appearance of a single layer, photo-quality or fine art print.
  4. Install your graphics with ease - no expensive installers needed. Just unroll your graphic over top of the magnet base.

System components

Magnetic Receptive Sheets

Adams ® Magnetic Receptive Sheets come in 50”, 54” and 60” widths depending on your choice of white paper, PET or Canvas lamination. MAGbond® sheets are made by coating high quality films with micro-iron particles and are engineered to be ultra-low profile for a seamless appearance of a single layer, photo or fine art quality print.

Magnet Base

Adams flexible magnet is the base for the MAGbond®Magnet Media System. Our self-adhesive, or double sided magnetic sheeting material is applied to walls or similar surface only once during initial installation. Adams offers standard energy or high energy magnet material depending on how many layers of MAGbond®will be applied and if walls have been painted with magnetic paint.

MAGbond® Magnetic Paint

Our latex paint contains finely ground metal shavings that can hold up our MAGbond® magnetic receptive sheets. MAGbond® paint is easy to apply, dries quickly, cleans up with soap and water and covers 100 sq. feet per gallon.

Visit our components specifications page.

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