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Magnet Base for MAGbond® Display Systems

Flexible magnet sheets to hold up MAGbond® printed displays.  Choose from our standard energy or high energy magnet sheets for maximum holding power. There’s even a high energy double sided magnet when using magnet paint.

magnet base for MAGbond

Standard energy sheet, magnetized one side:

Item Description
22D0002 .030" X 24" X 50 FT plain
22D0005 .030" X 24" X 50 FT with indoor adhesive

High energy, magnetized one side:

Item Description
22N0108 .020" X 24.375" X 50FT with indoor adhesive, 1.59MGOe

High energy sheet magnetized both sides:

Item Description
22KHE01 .040 X 24.375 X 50FT plain with matte coat both sides, 1.4MGOe