Methods of Magnetization

Materials are magnetized in several ways. The images to the left indicate the directions of magnetization that are commonly applied when making magnets.

Methods of magnetization are related to the material type. For instance, while multiple pole magnetization adds to the direct holding force of flexible magnets, it is not feasible for most neodymium and samarium cobalt magnets. And magnetizing alnico can result in a large amount of self-demagnetization unless the part is magnetized in the circuit. If you have specific questions about methods of magnetization, please consult our engineering staff.

We build all our own magnetizers to best suit each type of material we work with. We can magnetize most magnets or magnetic assemblies for you. If needed, we’ll even build special fixtures to meet your particular magnetization requirements.

Pole Spacing

While multiple poles spaced closely together can increase holding power, they can reduce the reach of the magnet. Inversely, when fewer poles are present, magnetic reach increases, but on contact, holding power is reduced.

Magnetic Viewing Film

Magnetic viewing film can help you visualize the magnetic fields surrounding your magnets. Use magnetic viewing paper to display magnetic field patterns by placing it near a magnet. Lines appear in the opaque paper showing the direction of magnetic force and the division between the magnetic poles. Adams keeps the following size in stock:

Size Item
12” X 12” VF12X12