Adams Magnetic Products leads the magnetic products industry in customer satisfaction.

NPS scoreHow do we know? Like many organizations, we use a customer survey tool called net promoter score, or NPS, to understand our customers’ perceptions. We ask our customers to answer a simple question on a bi-annual basis: “How likely is it that you would recommend Adams Magnetic Products to a friend or colleague?” responding with a rating between 1 and 10. Our NPS score is then calculated by subtracting the percent of respondents who ranked us between 0- 5 (called detractors) from the percent who ranked us 9 or 10 (called promoters). The resulting score can range from -100 to +100

While a score of +100 is a nearly impossible achievement for any organization, Adams’ quarterly NPS scores are consistently above 90, a ranking considered “world-class” by NPS. You might call us the Nordstrom of the magnetic industry, except that our scores are even higher than theirs.

We also provide an opportunity for customers to add comments. Recent NPS customer comments include:

“Great service!”

“I have dozens of vendors, and Adams is the top one for making purchasing and replenishment easy.”

“Very satisfied with product and service.”

“Customer service is excellent.”

Why are our customers so happy? Because we have the right products available at the right times, eliminating frustrating supply chain interruptions. With more than 1 million magnets in stock, including the original round base magnet developed by Adams, we have the most extensive on-demand inventory in the country. Our strategically located redundant domestic facilities, consignment inventory options, and integrated systems (including ERP and ISO) exist to ensure our customers’ business continuity, something they value considerably given today’s supply chain difficulties, natural disasters, and other situations impacting availability.

Our happy customers represent a vast array of industries. In fact, Adams serves the largest range of industries and applications of our competitors. We also serve more Fortune 500 companies than any of our competitors. This is because we have more combined magnet knowledge and experience than our competitors. Our unparalleled prototyping capabilities and vastly experienced product application team mean we’re better – and faster – at understanding our customers’ requirements and translating them into high-quality, manufacturable magnets and assembles. As a result, we’re proud to offer the fastest new product response times in the industry.

Don’t believe us? Just ask some of the more than 100,000 satisfied customers who have purchased more than 1 billion magnets from Adams over the last 70 years.

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