It’s a moment that comes at almost every trade show. You’ve been on the floor for five or six hours, viewing demonstrations, collecting business cards, and feeling so tired you don’t know if you can take another step. At times like this, you could use a hug. When you feel that need coming on in Las Vegas at SGIA, be sure to stop by the Adams booth (#4206). We’ll be giving out hugs for free.

Did you know there are medically documented health benefits to hugging? A warm hug can lower high blood pressure (another common trade show condition). It relieves stress and generates feelings of calm. Plus, it can lift your mood and make you feel better about your life, even that overpriced chicken salad lunch from that suspicious-looking concession stand. So when you need that lift, we’ll be there to help. And after you feel rejuvenated, be sure to check out our revolutionary Magnet Wall Display system, which combines our flexible, wide-format MegaMAG™magnetic sheets with our MAGbond™ magnet receptive product. When you discover how easy and convenient this system makes changing signs and displays, you may want to hug us again. That’s okay – we understand.

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