Adams Adds Staff to Support West Coast Expansion

CARLSBAD, Calif., March, 2018 – Adams Magnetic Products, LLC. a top permanent magnet supplier for the past decades, is pleased to welcome Aylin DePoorter to the sales department.  Building out its new facility in Carlsbad, CA, this new position is focused on enhancing the level of service and support available to an already large and rapidly growing west coast customer base.

With steady growth over the last several years, Adams has emerged as a key player and custom fabricator supporting the print and signage industry on the west coast, along with several other industries.  Sales Manager Craig Myers says that strategic hiring is a critically important part of their “balanced approach” to growth.

Myers says, “As our business grows, we strive to maintain the high level of service and support we pride ourselves on.”  Aylin will be focused on service and support of the customers in the western states, Canada and Mexico.

Aylin DePoorter – coming to Adams most recently from The Hertz Corporation, Aylin was an Assistant Branch Manager and did it all! She interacted with customers face to face and on the phone, assisted insurance companies, worked with body shops, contracted with car dealership service centers, even labored in California desert heat just to make sure the wheels on that Mercedes were spotless, or the sand that a customer brought from the beach was 100% removed. There is nothing she can’t get done with a smile and a laugh.



Adams’ new facility in Carlsbad is just the beginning of the company’s commitment to support the growth and development of manufacturing on the West Coast. The Carlsbad location houses a new magnet lab, additional magnetizing equipment and new magnet fabrication equipment. Watch for more news on those in the near future. The Carlsbad branch can now meet with clients personally, support them locally, and contribute to the growing economy in Southern California and beyond.


Established in 1950, Adams Magnetic Products, LLC. sets the standard for designing and manufacturing innovative magnetic products and assemblies. One of the oldest U.S. companies in the industry, its staff draws from a depth of engineering, fabricating, coating, testing, sourcing, handling, and distributing expertise managing inventory and delivery to coincide with customers’ production cycles and schedules. Adams supplies magnets used in signs and displays, including flexible, ceramic, neodymium magnets and strong magnetic assemblies.  We can also build to custom magnets print. Adams is ISO 9001:2015 Certified and ITAR Registered. To learn more, please visit, or call 800.747.7543.


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