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Products Overview

Ceramic (hard ferrite) disc magnets are among the most economical magnets available and are commonly used in manufacturing, craft and hobby applications.

Features & Benefits

  • Ceramic magnets are a dark charcoal gray in color and do not appear metallic.

  • Some ceramic disc magnets can be magnetized with several poles on one face to give greater holding strength on that surface. (This gives a lower holding force on the opposite surface.)

  • Ceramic magnets are not suited for high-temperature applications (over 250° C)

Ceramic Magnet Disc Specifications

Dimensions are in inches. Magnetization is through the thickness for all items listed.

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Diameter Thickness Grade Item#
0.312" 0.125" 5 30B0602
0.500" 0.125" 1 30B0004
0.500" 0.197" 5 30B0072
0.500" 0.250" 1 30B0007
0.709" 0.197" 5 30B0009
0.875" 1.000" 8 30B0011
0.985" 0.156" 5 30B0071
1.000" 0.250" 8 30B0054
1.146" 0.331" 8 30B0029

For a comparison of Ceramic Grades 1, 5 & 8, please see our Chart of Properties. 

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