TabMAG Neo Disc

Neo Disc We’ve expanded our neodymium (Neo) magnetic to include these powerful, compact magnetic discs with adhesive backing and a new, easy pull-tab. The liner covering the adhesive on these strong TabMAG Neo magnets has a protruding tab for easy removal. Once removed, the adhesive is exposed and the magnet can be quickly applied to packaging, displays, fixtures and other closure or presentation applications.

Designed to save time and effort, this is definitely a less labor-intensive option for adding a magnet closure to your project. Whether clearly visible or completely hidden from view, magnets offer near limitless potential for creating convenient, durable and re-useable high-end packaging that carry a company’s brand far beyond the initial product purchase. In signage and displays, magnets allow for fast, neat updates with minimal tools and no training. Suitable for a variety of surfaces, magnets provide the strength and durability of mechanical closures and fasteners, with the mobility of temporary hangers. Ensuring long-lasting performance, these new TabMAG Neo magnets are nickel coated to protect against corrosion and operate in temperatures up to 176ºF. Also formulated for high temperatures and solvent resistance, the 3M™ Adhesive Transfer Tape 467MP is engineered for general industrial joining. Adams’ TabMAG Neo discs with adhesive are stocked in 0.375-, 0.500- and 0.750-inch diameters. For perfect alignment with magnet-to-magnet applications, North Pole and South Pole options are available. The South Pole magnets are marked for easy identification and matching during production. For more information on Adams’ TabMAG Neo magnets, or other magnetic assemblies and products, please see the full specifications or call 800.747.7543.