In case you haven’t tried this already, EdgeMAG holds side-to-side as well as front-to-back, making it a great tool for aligning large graphic panels. It essentially erases any visible seams between graphic panels, which is wonderful for displays, signage, POP promotions and other applications where clean, clear presentation is vital.

For face-to-face applications, MatchMAG matched pole strip offers an ideal solution, especially when steel is not part of the overall design.

Both products are available in 0.060-inch x 0.50-inch x100-foot long rolls with or without adhesive. MatchMAG also offers 1.00-inch widths. Specify either product as “A/B” for easily mixing and matching the direction of alignment without contending with repelling forces. Like other flexible magnets, EdgeMAG and MatchMAG adheres and remains magnetic at temperatures as low as -40ºF and as high as 160ºF. It can be supplied in rolls uncut, scored or cut and stacked in the final desired size.