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Adams Magnetic Products is a custom manufacturer, fabricator and distributor of all types of permanent magnets, magnetic assemblies and soft magnetics. Additionally, we are an authorized distributor of ferrite cores and magnetic components for inductors, transformers, emi suppression and green energy applications for these leading brands: Ferroxcube, EPCOS, Micrometals-Arnold, MMG, VAC USA and others.

Popular Magnetic Products

  • Ferroxcube
    Search cores, components and accessories from Ferroxcube.
  • magnetic strip
  • Neodymium Discs
    Adams offers a wide range of sizes on the world's strongest magnets
  • magnets
  • Magnetic Strip
    We'll slit, cut or score your magnetic strip to order
  • assemblies
  • Alnico Rods
    Available in Grade 5 or Grade 8, and in the size you need
  • rare earth
  • Magnetic Sheeting
    Our magnetic sheets are flexible and strong, even in extreme temperatures
  • ceramic
  • Ferrite Cores
    Adams carries a full line of ferrite cores, bobbins and mounting hardware.
  • tabmag
Providing Industrial Magnetic Solutions
Information Spotlight: Ferrite Cores
For more than 50 years our quality materials and industry expertise have improved the performance and durability of countless finished goods, from advanced electronics to simple labeling and craft projects. We listen to our customers' needs and help them reach their objectives. Ferrite cores can block electromagnetic interference and unwanted high frequency information, making them ideal for use in a wide range of products in the engineering, electronics and computer industries. Read more about Ferrite Cores here.