Used in signage and displays, the advantages of Adams’ flexible magnets include:

  • Enhance design as better, different, cooler, more attractive; whether invisible or visible
  • Offer nearly limitless potential for customization at almost any stage in the design process
  • Provide the strength of mechanical closures and fasteners, with the mobility of temporary hangers, on a wide variety of substrates
  • Add warmth, interactivity, tactile quality that elevates perceived value
  • Signs and displays can be quickly, neatly updated with minimal tools and no training
  • Contribute to green and lean initiatives as re-usable products that reduce waste and mess
  • Function reliably with highest quality on the market
  • Are available on-demand – large quantities on the shelf, in-stock; custom orders available in short turnaround; just-in-time inventory control and shipping
  • Work with bar coding, RFID electronic tracking and automation and are safe to use near CDs, DVDs, software
  • Present a cost-effective, presentation solution for almost any application

Adams flexible magnets are tested for durability and to maintain their permanent holding power. Share your ideas with us today, and we’ll help you bring them to life!