Adams magnetic viewing film card allows you to identify the magnetic field patterns of magnetic materials and assemblies. The film contains magnetically sensitive photonic crystals that change color according to the gauss strength of an external magnetic field. So not only can you observe the field pattern, but you can also get a sense of the field strength produced by the magnet you are viewing.

Directions for use: Hold the film against the surface of any permanent magnet and the pattern of the magnetic field will be revealed. Patterns will disappear when you pull the film away from the magnet. The film is reusable.

You can also use this film for counting poles per inch and pole spacing for flexible magnets:

Pole spacing: While multiple poles spaced closely together can increase holding power, they can reduce the reach of the magnet. Inversely, when fewer poles are present, magnetic reach increases (increased reach is important when there is a gap between the magnet and the holding surface), but on contact, holding power is reduced.”

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