Yes, When It’s MegaMAG™!

These days consumers are bombarded with messages, so sometimes it takes a little extra effort to stand out from the crowd. That’s why Adams introduced MegaMAG, our wide format magnet that measures up to a full 60” across. Sure, there have been graphic displays this big before, but MegaMAG™ eliminates the overlapping tiles and seams that used to be unavoidable with a magnetic product. Now your retail signage and POP displays will look better and brighter than ever before.

What else do you need for an effective display? Durability is certainly important, as a clean appearance adds credibility to the product or company promoted in the display. Here’s where Adams’ 70+ years of experience, unmatched in the industry, really shines. From the back coating to a consistent, reliable magnetization MegaMAG™ endures the elements and typical wear and tear on both interior and exterior displays. Your customers may not notice the bond strength of the acrylic adhesive, or the multi-pole magnetization pattern that provides such powerful holding strength, but when your billboard or large format graphic display is still doing its job while others flap and fade, you’ll appreciate the knowledge and professionalism Adams brings to its MegaMAG™ and all of our magnetic products. Have a custom or special order? Adams can laminate other substrates to our MegaMAG™, and has a wide array of products that can be used for most print media applications. MegaMAG™ stock is now available from our California and Illinois warehouses. Contact us today for more information, or to place an order.