Elmhurst, IL (July, 2020) – Adams Magnetic Products, LLC. announces the release of its updated permanent magnet materials catalog.

Design your best products yet, using our new materials catalog! Adams’ new 2020 catalog showcases a variety of our magnet materials with the high quality, strength, and superior performance you expect from Adams Magnetic Products, LLC.

Changes in the 2020 edition include:

  • Updated chart of material properties
  • ASTM materials designations
  • Additional Neodymium demagnetization curves
  • Additional Samarium Cobalt demagnetization curves
  • Coatings section with comparison chart

Although our catalog represents only a small portion of what we offer, rest assured tha we can promptly support your most challenging magnetic requirements.  Material choice is important, but an optimized design is just as significant. We cn provide detailed recommendations for your application based on our collective 700+ years of experience and technical expertise. Factors including operating temperature, demagnetizing effects, environmental conditions, space constraints and more need to be considered.

In this, our 79th year in business, we would also like to extend our sincere thnks to our xustomers and suppliers for their continued commitment and loyalty. At Adams we always strive to exceed the high expectations of our customers. Looking toward the future our goals are focused on our dedication to unparalleled quality assurance, custome satisfaction, and continuous improvement for our products, processes and capabilities. We look forward to launching the business to new heights in the months and years to come.

You may view or download a copy of the 2020 materials catalog here.