Visit Adams at Automate, booth#6364. Held once every two years in the U.S., Automate is the broadest automation solutions event in North America, offering the best overview of the entire automation industry. And, registration for the show is FREE!

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Come to our Expert Huddle!

Tuesday, April 9th at 11:00 am in the HUDDLE BOOTH: 8967 (not Adams’ booth) Mike Devine will discuss the best ways to engineer magnets into new products, including what information magnet suppliers need vs. what automation engineers need.

Why learn from Mike?

Mike Devine, Senior Applications Engineer at Adams, serves on ASTM International’s A06 Committee on Magnetic Materials. Why is this important, and how does it help ensure our magnets are exceptional? Well… get all the details here. Additionally, Mike is an active and contributing member of several industry associations, has published over 20 technical papers and presented at numerous technical conferences in the magnetics industry. Share your ideas and questions; he’s ready!