While online sales have revolutionized the retail business, there are still millions of people who prefer and enjoy shopping in an actual store. For business owners, just luring folks away from amazon is an achievement – but once they enter your establishment, there is still marketing work to be done.

According to one study, 70% of purchase decisions are made in-store

It’s up to retailers to take advantage of this opportunity to influence buyer behavior, through marketing that builds brand awareness and fosters sales.

In-store displays are among the most effective tools in the retailer’s arsenal. A bold, eye-catching sign will always be noticed, and if it sends the right message it will create product interest.

Signs can be made of paper or cardboard, or have their messages displayed on a digital screen. But paper and cardboard are easily damaged, resulting in a less than appealing appearance, and digital displays can be expensive.

The MAGbond® Magnet Media System

Flexible magnet sheets, such as those that are part of Adams’ MAGbond® magnet media system, offer a convenient and appealing alternative. The signs are big and bold (up to 50” wide), and made from a durable self-adhesive magnet receptive material that makes them easy to install without tape or adhesive.

And since signs have to change every time there’s a new sale, or a holiday special, or to promote the arrival of new merchandise, MAGbond® signs can be replaced in seconds – just peel off the old one from the magnetic backing, and put up the new one. Or just roll the new sign right over the previous one.

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