We knew wide format magnetic signs were an effective way of capturing customers’ attention; now, it seems they have captured the media’s attention as well. The July 2014 issue of Digital Output magazine features a story by Cassandra Balentine on magnetic and magnetic-receptive media. Adams is proud to be prominently featured in this article, which explores the applications and benefits of these displays, and how they are rapidly gaining notice from a wide range of businesses. It’s the combination of high-quality media, convenience and re-usability that has helped fuel the popularity of magnetic media and magnetic receptive offerings.

While these two types of products fulfill a similar function, they are different in composition: magnetic media refers to a sign that is printed directly while magnetized or printed on, then magnetized; magnetic receptive offerings are part of an overall magnetic display system, which begins with the installation of a magnetic base to which magnetic receptive graphics are printed and layered. Our technical sales rep Jim Miller was interviewed for the story, and provided the details on Adams’ MegaMAG™, our wide-format magnet sheet available in 40- and 48-inch widths. He described how the product works with our magnetic receptive MAGbond™, which allows clients to create even larger displays – up to 60” wide. Miller cited the need of many businesses to change signs regularly as a motivation for exploring a magnetic display option. Companies with weekly or monthly specials, or a regular cycle of new sales and promotions, can easily switch out displays within just a few minutes. The task can be accomplished by one employee, and does not require strength or any particular skill. It’s as simple as peeling off the old sign, and sticking up the new one. The signs that are removed can be reused again, as there is little chance of them being damaged or torn like paper or cardboard signs. While the materials are thinner, the signs are actually stronger than other media, and easily stored for future usage. Magnetic substrates are turning up on signs for stores, hair salons, spas, restaurants, museums, community centers and other types of businesses and organizations. The Digital Output article states that the possibilities are endless, and we agree. Click here to find out more about MegaMAG™ direct print magnet Click here to find out more about MAGbond™ Magnet Media System