We are often asked about shipping magnets by air, and thought we’d take a minute to write about it.  Adams Magnetic Products’ general policy is to ship all magnetized products using ground transportation.  When necessary, we can prepare magnets for air shipment with sufficient shielding to make sure they travel safely.

How to Ship Magnets by Air 

In Order for Magnets to Be Shipped by Air:

Flux measurements of all packages containing magnets must measure less than 0.00525 gauss 15 feet from the package.  When not packaged properly for air shipment purposes, magnets are considered “dangerous goods” and the International Air Transport Association’s (IATA) Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR) must be followed. Packaging magnetic materials for air shipment must be accomplished considering the above. Powerful magnetic components and assemblies need to be shielded so that magnetic fields will meet air shipment criteria.  We recommend that you consult your carrier for more information and guidelines. An example of how magnetic fields can be contained is illustrated in the images below.

A graphic depicting how magnetic fields can be contained. This is a graphic of an unshielded magnet.

Unshielded Magnet

A graphic depicting how magnetic fields can be contained. This is a graphic of a shielded magnet.

Shielded Magnet Important: This post does not fully state the regulations. The information provided herein is intended to inform that FAA and IATA regulations exist and that they should be understood before shipping magnets by air.

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