Question: Mark Records of Smith Valley, NV asks “How do I figure out how many pieces of 5″ x 7” I can get out of a full roll of magnet sheet? I am currently using 50′ long rolls and there seems to be a lot of scrap. Are there different size rolls on the market? I look forward to any suggestions. “

Answer: Hello Mark.  The easiest way I know to calculate yield is to use Adams on-line sheet calculator. This is a great automated tool that will take whatever magnet sheet size you input and give you a piece count. This will enable you to quickly calculate the yield of our various size rolls. Magnet sheet is commonly supplied in 50′ and 100′ roll lengths, but is available as long as 600′ by special order depending on the thickness.

I understand your concerns about scrap, and unfortunately with that particular size (5″ x 7″) it is difficult to optimize on a 24″ roll width One way to cut down on your waste a little is to cut 3 across using the 7″ dimension instead of 4 across at 5″. This will save you 1″ times the length of the roll.  Over time this can add up to a lot of saved material. It may be beneficial and cost effective to have Adams cut the magnetic sheeting to your required size. I hope this helped you out. Thanks for your great question.