Top Causes of Permanent Magnet Demagnetization & Strength Loss

You’ve asked, so we’re answering: Magnetic domains locked in, result in the ability of a permanent magnet to support an external magnetic field. Once established these domain positions are held until acted upon by forces exceeding those of the locked domains. The energy required to change the magnetic field produced by a magnet varies for […]

Magnet Blog: 2010 The Reality of Supply Demand

Price increases and order delays. No company wants to be responsible for them, and no buyer wants to be inconvenienced by them. However, sometimes such occurrences are inevitable, and the magnet production industry is currently struggling with these issues. As a global leader, Adams has been able to limit their impact more than other companies […]

Magnet Blog: Introducing New TabMAG Neodymium Discs With Tabbed Adhesive Liner

Neo Disc We’ve expanded our neodymium (Neo) magnetic to include these powerful, compact magnetic discs with adhesive backing and a new, easy pull-tab. The liner covering the adhesive on these strong TabMAG Neo magnets has a protruding tab for easy removal. Once removed, the adhesive is exposed and the magnet can be quickly applied to […]

Magnet Blog: Almost Free to A Good Home

Our strong selection of overstock magnets could have just what you need for your next project!  We’ve just updated our overstock list, and added images and pricing for all our overstock magnetic assemblies. Take a look and you may find something you’d like to have around to test in future projects.  If you see anything […]

Magnet Blog: Welcome to Our Blog

Hello world! We’re excited to launch the first official blog for the magnet industry. We are engineers, salesmen, marketers, product managers, and executives from Adams Magnetic Products who offer different perspectives, but share the same passion for magnets and how they improve our world. We hope this blog provides you with a deeper insight into […]

Magnet Blog: Adams Opens New York Office and Adds Two Sales Representatives

Adams Magnetic Products, LLC. announces the opening of a New York sales office and the addition of two, new, sales representatives. Located at Metro Office Centre in Rochester, N.Y., Jim Miller and Patrick Hanna will serve customers’ magnetic products needs in the Northeast and beyond. Reporting to Adams’ General Manager Kerry Buntrock, Jim and Patrick […]