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Question: What’s the Best Tool to Use to Cut .030 Thick Magnet Sheets?

Justin writes: I was wondering the method or type of tool used to cut .030″ thick magnet sheets? I have an art project and was wondering the best, most clean way to cut the sheet so that it leaves the smoothest edges possible. What do you use for cutting them? Thanks

Magnetic Sheets

Answer: Use a tabletop paper cutter designed to handle heavy duty cutting

Hello Justin. Thank you for the question. There are a number of ways you can accomplish your goal. We use special equipment which is designed specifically for use with magnetic sheet. It is highly automated and developed to handle large volume production runs and may not be a feasible solution for you. Instead, I think you would be better served by using one of two fairly simple methods.

You can get a very clean cut by using a table top paper cutter, believe it or not. You want to make sure it is designed to handle heavy duty cutting. It should be in good condition and have a sharp blade. You would be best served by using one that has a steel edge against which the blade cuts. This steel will aide in holding the magnet sheet in position while you cut. Another option would be to use a straight edge and utility knife. You should always start with a new, sharp blade.

Simply place the straight edge where you want to make the cut and make sure it is secured properly. Then score the magnetic sheet by pulling the utility knife safely along the straight edge, using extreme caution. Remove the straight edge, fold the magnetic sheet at the score and then tear apart. One thing to always keep in mind is that, when cutting magnetic sheet with an adhesive or vinyl laminate, you want to cut through the laminate first. Doing so will result in a much cleaner cut. I hope this advice is helpful. Good luck!

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