You might not know this, but April 28th is National Superhero Day.  It’s also one week from the release of a certain Marvel(ous) new superhero blockbuster. It’s quite the time for anyone into comic books, costumes and action heroes.  But it’s also a great time if you need wide format magnet sheet. That’s because MegaMAG™Dog (aka Adams Magnetic Products) has a little announcement for anyone looking to design large format displays, retail & POP graphics or billboards and signs , but not sure about using magnets. MegaMAG™ Dog has an offer to first try out the magnetic superpowers found in our wide format magnet sheet. But, in keeping with the theme, we thought we’d share the information in the following comic strip.

Order a Roll of MegaMAG™ Wide Format Magnet Sheet – Save 10%

Still wondering what MegaMAG’s superpowers are? Well, MegaMAG™ is a flexible magnet sheet in rolls of both 40″ and 48″ widths.  It’s available in 20 or 30 mil thicknesses, and is available plain, with adhesive or printable laminate. You can print directly onto MegaMAG™ with most UV, Latex and select solvent printers – making it the perfect magnetic sheet for most print media applications. Now, for the special money-saving part. Call Adams Magnetic at (800)747-7543 to order a roll of MegaMAG™ by 5/6/16.  Mention the code “super” and you will then save 10% on the order. This is a great way to see how well MegaMAG™ can work for any wide format magnet needs. Finally, let us know if you need to convert your MegaMAG™ order. It’s a feature our factory superheroes can handle for you. If you need more information on MegaMAG™ wide format magnet sheet, please give Adams Magnetic a call at (800) 747-7543 or visit the wide format magnet page of our website.

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