Elmhurst, Illinois (February, 2014) – Adams Magnetic Products, LLC. is proud to announce two new production lines for wide format magnet and magnet receptive materials up to 50” wide. These new lines are located in both their Elmhurst, Il. and Irvine, CA. facilities, and will offer the sign and display advertising markets the fastest lead times in the industry, while also reducing freight costs for most customers. The Elmhurst line has been operational since January, and the Irvine line is due to be completely tested and operational by March 7th.

“This expansion allows us to provide customers fabrication services for magnet sheet up to 48” wide and magnet receptive material up to 50” wide,” said Adams’ general manager, Larry Budnik. “In the past, the industry has been limited to magnet widths of only 24 inches. Our new automation systems will allow for converting rolls to sheets, wide rolls into narrower rolls, long rolls into shorter rolls and large sheets into smaller sheets. Adams now offers the most capabilities for flexible magnets, with the ability to expand up to 72” in width.”

Budnik predicts, “By the end of the year, we expect our combined California and Illinois operations to provide the industry’s best lead times and most reliable delivery for cut, scored and sheeted standard and wide format flexible magnetic materials. We will also deliver faster response times for samples, prototypes and high volume requests.”

Company president Scott Lewis agrees: “Our goal is to offer lead-times of three days. If we can accomplish this, our customers will benefit from the quickest lead-times in the industry. They will also enjoy freight savings from our two production locations. No longer will customers have to wait or pay for orders coming from the opposite side of the country. Now their orders will come right from their own backyard.”

Both Adams’ locations stock a large variety and quantity of the most popular magnetic products and have the capabilities to produce magnets of virtually any shape and size.

Adams’ flexible magnets are made of thermoplastic material that can be bent and flexed without affecting their performance. They can be magnetized using several different methods to fit various applications. These products typically are ordered as strips and sheets, pre-cut sign blanks, high-energy strips and shapes, cardholder and c-profile holders, and as write-on/wipe-off strip rolls.

The resulting magnets most commonly are used in signage, displays, and fixtures for retailers, warehouses, offices, schools and other commercial environments. Other Adams customers incorporate the cut-to-size flexible magnets as elegantly discrete, yet secure closures in packaging systems, portfolios and more.

Budnik proudly adds, “Adams already has established a reputation for high quality, highly competitive pricing and excellent customer service across the U.S. This is largely attributed to our experienced staff and consultants, many with more than two decades of industry expertise and steadfast client relationships.”

Budnik summarizes, “We have the right equipment, the right people and we are staying ahead of all the advancements in magnet materials technology.”

Established in 1950, Adams Magnetic Products, LLC. sets the standard for designing and manufacturing innovative magnetic products and assemblies. One of the oldest U.S. companies in the industry, its staff draws from a depth of engineering, fabricating, coating, testing, sourcing, handling, and distributing expertise managing inventory and delivery to coincide with customers’ production cycles and schedules. Adams stocks a large variety and quantity of the most popular magnetic products and has the capabilities to produce magnets of virtually any shape and size.