Latch magnets are among the most versatile products we offer. As a replacement for standard latch hardware on a door, latch magnets have a cleaner look and can be installed in any number of ways depending on preferred use and appearance. Whether it’s a door lock or a doorstop, Adams has latch magnets that hold metal doors in place or use steel strikers attached to non-metallic surfaces. For the quick and easy approach, our snap-in designs install in minutes, using just a single mounting hole. Latch magnets are also used in a wide range of additional applications, from cabinets on boats and RVs or entertainment centers, to closures for boxes or presentation folders. They are found in industrial enclosures and on signs and exhibits. They can also help to child-proof a home. Some magnetic latches are powerful enough to hold many times their own weight, making them ideal for use as tool holders or clamps. Adams latch magnets are available in different sizes, shapes and widths, and we can create custom sizes as well – just let us know what you need. Read more about latch magnets here.