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With more than a million magnets in stock at any given time, Adams Magnetic Products offers the industry’s most comprehensive range of magnets and magnetic assemblies under one roof. Our expert team boasts more than 700 years of combined magnet experience. And, with facilities located in Chicago and San Diego, we can move fast to deliver any magnet you need, just when you need it. Together, these capabilities have positioned Adams Magnetic Products as the go-to source for quality magnets, knowledgeable support, and responsive service.

Whether you work in aerospace and defense; industrial, automation, and motors; green energy; medical; or oil and gas industries or you need magnets for semiconductors, sensors, retail signs, displays, or packaging, we’ve got what you need. Our application engineers will work with you to design your ideal magnet and our industry-leading quality assurance process ensures that every order and every project lives up to the Adams name every time.

Browse the Adams catalog of stock magnets and fabrication capabilities to view our extensive range of hard magnet grades including Neodymium, Samarium Cobalt, Ceramic, and Alnico; assemblies including round base, channel, sandwich, latch, pocket, electromagnets, custom, and more; and flexible magnets including sheet, strip, labels, matched pole, magnet receptive, and others. Don’t miss our popular neodymium holding assemblies, a MAGbond Magnetic Media System overview, and high energy wide-format magnetic sheet (40″ wide and still printable!).

Find the following information on these pages:

1 What Are Pounds Pull?
2 Magnet Types
6 Standard Energy
7 High Energy
8 Label Magnets
11 Fabrication & Standard Sheet
12 MegaMAG® Wide Format Sheet
14 How it works
15 Magnet Base, Standard, HE & Double-sided
16 Magnet Receptive Sheet
19 Standard Round Base
20 Neo Round Base
21 Channels
22 Sandwiches
22 Mounting Hardware
23 Latches
24 Custom Assemblies
27 Neodymium Magnets
28 TabMAG® Neo with Adhesive
29 Samarium Cobalt
29 Alnico
30 Ceramic
33 Methods of Magnetization
34 Glossary of Terms
35 Chart of Material Properties
36 Quality Certifications
37 Other Products
39 The Extra Mile

Peruse our catalog – we’re sure we’ve got what you need! If you don’t see what you’re looking for – or you’d like to receive a hard copy of our catalogcontact us for support. Adams Magnetic Products is the industry leader in responsive customer service, knowledgeable technical support, and high quality magnets and we want to work with you!

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