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Adams 2016 Hard Magnet Materials Catalog
(7MB) Featuring a magnet materials overview, chart of materials properties and demagnetization curves for Neodymium, Samarium Cobalt, Ceramic (Ferrite) and Alnico materials offered by Adams.
Adams TabMAG® Neodymium with Adhesive Product Specifications
Adams offers TabMAG® Neodymium discs and rectangles with adhesive on one side. They are commonly used in packaging, box closure, display, and door latch applications. This PDF gives an overview of our most popular TabMAG® magnets.
1/16” Thick Foam Coated Rubber Based Adhesive
1/32” Thick Foam Adhesive
Acrylic Transfer Tape Good for Low Surface Energy Applications
Adams Pull Airgap
Adams Surface Thickness
Breakaway Force of a Magnet
Explains the test methods used to determine how much force it takes to pull a magnet directly away from the surface it is attached to.
Chart of Material Properties
Displays each permanent magnet material along with its Maximum Energy Product: Bhmax, Residual Flux Density: Br Gauss, Coercive Force: Hc Oersteds, Intrinsic Coercive Force: Hci Oersteds and Maximum Operating Temperature: C / F.
Flexible Magnet Cleaning and Storage
Flexible Magnetic Sheets
High Tack 1.2 mil Rubber Indoor Adhesive
High Tack 2 mil Rubber Indoor Adhesive
High Tack Acrylic Outdoor Adhesive
High-Performance Acrylic-Based Adhesive
MAGBond® Magnet Media System
Matched Pole Strip
MegaMAG® Wide Format Direct Print Magnet Sheet
Round Base Assemblies
Rubber-based Indoor Adhesive
Rubber-based Outdoor Adhesive
Samarium Cobalt Product Specifications
Sandwich Assemblies
Standard Magnetic Strip
Standard Specifications for Permanent Magnet Materials
Defines thermal and mechanical characteristics and properties of commercially available permanent magnet materials including Alnico, Ceramic, Rare Earth (Samarium cobalt and neodymium) and Iron-Chromium-Cobalt. Includes a Glossary of Terms and Magnetic Quantities (Symbols, Units and Conversion Factors).