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Products Overview

Adams TabMAG® neodymium magnets with adhesive are powerful, compact magnetic discs with an easy pull-tab adhesive liner. Designed to save time and effort, this is definitely a less labor-intensive option and a benefit for those with poor dexterity.

Foam Adhesive

3M 4920 .016" thick foam adhesive provides high strength with the capability of conforming to the irregularities of rigid substrates, even when there might be slight mismatch.

Thin Film Adhesive

3M™ Adhesive Transfer Tape 467MP is a high-performance 200MP pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive on 58 lb. polycoated kraft paper liner. It features high-temperature resistance, solvent resistance, shear adhesion and HSE. Use for general industrial joining. 2 mil thick with 4 mil liner.

Magnet Strength - Grade 3512

Adams TabMAG® package closure magnets are supplied in grade 3512, with BHmax of 33-36.

Temperature constraints

Maximum operating temperature of our Adams TabMAG® neodymium magnets is 176° Fahrenheit.


Adams TabMAG® package closure magnets are magnetized conventionally through the thickness. In order to achieve perfect alignment with magnet-to-magnet applications, you will need to match magnets with adhesive on the north side of the magnet to magnets with adhesive on the south side of the magnet.

Key Features and Benefits

• South pole magnets are marked with a red dot on the north face for easy identification and matching during production in conjunction with the unmarked counterparts.

• Convenient plastic spacers for easy handing Specifications.

• The liner which covers the adhesive has a die-cut tab for easy removal, saving time and effort.

Adams TabMAG® Neodymium Magnets with Adhesive

Adams offers Neodymium discs and rectangles with adhesive on one side. They are commonly used in packaging, box closure, display and door latch applications.

Dimensions are listed in inches. Additional sizes, plating options and grade choices are also available upon request and may be on hand from stock. Contact us at 800-747-7543 if you don't see what you're looking for in this brief listing.

Round TabMAG®

Foam Adhesive Item# Thin Film Item# Thickness Diameter Grade Plating Pole with Adhesive
65PWF08 65PW008 0.060 0.375 3512 Nickel north
65PWF09 65PW009 0.060 0.375 3512 Nickel south
65PWF10 65PW0010 0.060 0.500 3512 Nickel north
65PWF11 65PW0011 0.060 0.500 3512 Nickel south
  65PW249 0.125 0.500 3512 Nickel south
65PWF03 65PW0012 0.060 0.750 3512 Nickel north
65PWF04 65PW0013 0.060 0.750 3512 Nickel south
65PWF05 65PW0014 0.080 1.000 3512 Nickel north
65PWF06 65PW0015 0.080 1.000 3512 Nickel south

Rectangular TabMAG®

Foam Adhesive Item# Thin Adhesive Item# Thickness Width Length Grade Plating Pole with Adhesive
65PWF01 65PW001 0.055 0.500 1.00 3512 Nickel South
65PWF02 65PW002 0.055 0.500 1.00 3512 Nickel North

Round Matching Strike Plates with Thin Film Adhesive

Item # Thickness Diamater
69S0059 0.030 0.375
69S0055 0.030 0.500
69S0056 0.030 0.750
69S0060 0.060 1.000

Rectangular Strike Plate .060: Thick with VHB Adhesive

Item # Length Width
69S0001 0.50 1.00

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