Warehouses and distribution centers expand and contract in funny ways. Once the pallet racking is put in place, if you want to change the number of aisles, beams, shelf sizes or pick locations, you have to change the sequencing. Whenever you need to add or take away something, it’s likely to throw off your entire labeling system. To avoid this difficulty, why not implement a magnetic labeling system?

The use of magnets provide maximum flexibility during expansions, consolidations, retrofits and relocations and allow warehouse and distribution centers to add or reduce stock without having to completely re-do their sequencing.

Advantages of magnetic labeling systems include:

  •  Labels attach fast and firmly to metal shelves and can be made in conceivably any size, format or color, and can be removed in a snap.
  • An environmentally friendly choice because the labels are reusable.
  • A natural fit for barcode based identification and inventory applications using embedded RFID tracking and automation tags, they provide direct, first-time, every-time reading and scanning accuracy.
  • Ability to withstand humidity and moisture provides better protection of data integrity.
  • Eliminate the mess that adhesive-based labels leave behind when they are removed. Not only does this take time and create waste, it damages the paint and the beam so the racking will never be like new again.

For these reasons, magnetic labeling systems are a great investment. It offers one of the least expensive, highest value options in warehouse design. Consider that a single beam of pallet racking costs about $45. Let’s say you have three labels per beam at roughly 12¢ each for a total of 36¢ per beam. It’s a no brainer. For stock location labeling, cardholder magnets are a nice option. They are extruded in a channel shape designed to hold a printed insert. When you need a new label, just remove and recycle the cardstock, print a new one, and slide it into place.

Adams Magnetic Products can provide these labeling systems in standard or custom pre-cut sizes or in roll stock, and even apply pre-printed labels to magnet, allowing the end user the freedom to complete those labeling systems which may require a variety of cut lengths. Adams offers yellow flexible magnetic labels, which when used with black type, make the information easier to read. They also offer durable, c-profile cardholder magnets. In addition to cardholder magnets, they also have write-on/wipe-off labels and cut-to-size, inkjet printable magnetic sheets for custom signage on-demand.

Are you working with extreme temperature fluctuations and still not sure that magnetic labels are a fit for your facility? Adams’ flexible magnetic products offer a maximum holding power that adheres and remains flexible at temperatures as low as -40°F and as high as 170°F. For especially demanding applications, consider a third type of magnetic product – the magnetic assembly. Assemblies are constructed with a powerful magnet encased in plated or powder-coated steel cups, channels or plates. The magnets are magnetized together with their casing to create a holding force that is up to 32 times stronger than an individual ceramic magnet. This strength makes them ideal for hanging aisle markers, banners, job jackets, clipboards, three-hole-punched manuals, and just about anything else that we need to reference and can hang on a hook. The bottom line is a well organized and logistically sound warehouse or distribution center is essential to keeping your company efficient and finely tuned. You invest heavily in developing the perfect racking systems and layouts to ensure proper flow and access. Why wouldn’t you want to enhance its effectiveness and flexibility by employing a magnetic labeling system? It’s an attractive concept. Check out our label magnet selection here.

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