To cut through the clutter on retail shelves, designers, manufacturers and retailers are competing to develop innovative packaging that enhance the consumer’s product experience. Magnetic closures provide unique solutions for creative ingenuity. Winning designs of the 2008 Flexible Packaging Association’s Packaging Achievement Awards demonstrate a trend toward value-added features such as easy-to-open devices, and strong repeat closure technologies. Responding to this opportunity, Adams’ magnetic closures are available as two-piece magnetic assemblies that are suitable for a variety of surfaces.

Adams Magnetic Products has worked with product packaging designers to incorporate magnets into:

  • Packaging for Gift Sets
  • stationery and note cards
  • movies, music, books sold as a part of a series, limited edition, or special release
  • gourmet and specialty items
  • sports cards and collectibles

In these instances, the package becomes part of the product. Giant retailers often specify exclusive package designs and partnerships to offer their customers an exclusive product. A magnetic closure provides a durable material for repeat opening and closing that enhances the value of the packaged set – whether or not it’s fashioned from metal.

Magnetic packaging closures are also interactive for the consumer – consumers love interactive packaging. Packaging for Bulk Buys:

  • hardware such as screws and nails
  • craft materials like brads, glitter, rhinestones and candles
  • pre-packaged food sold in canisters and boxes.

Materials that are sold in bulk, but are not consumed at one time, create a need for a reusable package that is easy to store, as well as open and shut. A magnetic closure provides a functional, consumer-friendly closure for these items, while allowing for the safe keeping without the associated loss of product.

Packaging for Accessibility:

  • office and electronic supplies
  • personal care and beauty products
  • home accessories and cleaning materials
  • hand bags and sample packs

Flexible packaging with zipper “press and close” technologies or plastic sliders are among the most popular mechanisms for convenient, re-sealable package designs. But these materials are not without challenge. While improvements have been made to press and close seals, the closure can be worn from repeated use and can be difficult for older consumers with limited dexterity. Press to close and slider zippers are also very costly for companies to purchase and can be a struggle to retrofit machinery to run this technology. Magnetic closures offer a cost effective, creative, universally accessible alternative.

Packaging for Convenience:

  • culinary and cooking utensils
  • multi-set tools
  • toys, puzzles and games

Products that are sealed in clamshell packaging and/or in cellophane are ranked among Consumer Reports’ most hard-to-open packaging. The term, “wrap-rage” describes the frustration consumers experience when battling to open a package and often results in injury to the consumer or damage to the product. Due to this growing epidemic, retailers such as Costco are working with suppliers to develop more consumer-friendly packaging. A magnetic closure provides an easy, intuitive option. As package designers and engineers explore options for magnetic closures, Adams’ engineering team is on-call to assist at any stage of the design process – from the initial planning and development, to performance improvements, to final product enhances.

As one of the oldest domestic manufacturers of magnetic products, Adams ensures that customers receive the best quality and value for their needs. Neodymium magnets with adhesive offer a popular choice for several types of the above applications. For more information on Adams’ magnetic packaging closures or other magnetic products, call 800.747.7543.

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