Magnetic Viewing Paper

Adams sells most of its standard energy flexible magnetic material magnetized in multi-pole configuration. It is magnetized with its strength concentrated near the surface on one side of the magnet in order to obtain maximum holding power from the material.  This design reduces the reach out of magnet strength but still allows the magnet to reach through the normal thickness of paint and still work effectively.

Adams’ standard flexible magnets are marked with a line running down the “weak side” so that you can be sure to apply the stronger side in your application. If adhesive is applied to the magnets, it is applied to the weak side, thus covering up the indicator line.

High energy flexible magnet is also available, and usually has almost equal strength on both sides in contrast to standard energy product. High energy flexible magnets can be magnetized through the thickness in several methods. Click here to read more details on methods of magnetization.

Adams’ flexible magnetic material can be bent, twisted and flexed without loss of magnetic energy. These materials can also be cut, scored slit, punched or machined.