Combining full-service production and converting capabilities with the capacity to produce magnetic products of any shape and size, Adams Magnetic Products, LLC’s. new facility in Irvine, California brings quick-turn flexible magnets to the West Coast market.

“This expansion allows us to provide customers west of the Rockies with the most capabilities for flexible magnets and the opportunity to respond even more quickly with samples, prototypes and high-volume requests,” said Adams’ General Manager Kerry Buntrock. He predicts, “By the end of the year, we expect our combined Irvine and Illinois operations to provide the industry’s best lead times and most reliable delivery for cut, scored and sheeted flexible magnet materials.”

Adams’ Irvine location stocks a large variety and quantity of the company’s most popular magnetic products. Adams’ flexible magnets are made of thermoplastic material that can be bent and flexed without affecting their performance. They can be magnetized using several different methods to fit various applications.

“Adams already has an established reputation for high quality, highly competitive pricing and excellent customer service across the U.S.,” Buntrock said. “We now have the right equipment and the right people in place in Irvine, and we know there’s an entire market west of the Mississippi that’s been waiting for more affordable, available flexible magnets.”

The new facility will also improve Adams’ ability to fulfill orders, which has been challenged in recent months by overseas labor shortages. Rising prices in raw materials, particularly iron ore, have also impacted the price and production of magnetic assemblies.

“As an industry leader we’ve been able to mitigate these harsh realities to limit the impact they have on our customers,” Buntrock said. “We have not been immune to the reality of the global economic situation, but we are doing everything we can to maintain the quality and service that our customers have come to expect.”

The Irvine location will help offset rising product costs by lowering shipping costs for West Coast customers. “Our west coast customers will not only benefit from the fastest lead-times in the industry, but also freight savings,” said company president Scott Lewis. “No longer will they have to wait and pay the shipping costs for their orders to come from the East Coast or the Midwest. They get can the products they need from us in their own backyard.”

Established in 1950, Adams Magnetic Products, LLC. sets the standard for designing and manufacturing innovative magnetic products and assemblies. One of the oldest U.S. companies in the industry, its staff draws from a depth of engineering, fabricating, coating, testing, sourcing, handling, and distributing expertise managing inventory and delivery to coincide with customers’ production cycles and schedules. Adams stocks a large variety and quantity of the most popular magnetic products and has the capabilities to produce magnets of virtually any shape and size.