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Product Overview

ClingMAG™ combines two separate holding technologies, magnetic holding force and micro-suction holding force to produce a thinner and lighter magnet that addresses two potential challenges with magnet signage. The micro-suction silicon layer on the back helps to reduce magnet particle migration while it increases the holding force of the magnet, keeping it from sliding.

  •  Over 220 pounds per SF of holding force
  • Up to 10 TIMES stronger pull strength than standard magnet sheet of the same thickness
  • Matte white vinyl print surface compatible with UV curable and screen print ink sets
  • The micro-suction silicon layer over the magnet adds holding force.
  • It also protects painted surfaces from magnet particle migration and leaves no residue after long-term use.
  • Designed for smooth steel surfaces such as elevators, steel doors, and vehicles.

Product Specifications

Item Thickness Width: Inches Length: Feet Topside Finish Approx Roll Wt (lbs)
22V0001 .018 24 50 White Matte Vinyl 48


How to use ClingMAG

  1. Print
  2. Cut
  3. Remove release liner
  4. Apply to a clean steel surface


Usage and Storage Notes

• Works best at temperatures between 50 and 95˚F and relative humidity between 20 and 70%.
• Shelf Life: 12 Months
• Make sure there is no dirt on the back of the material or the application surface to avoid bubbles, bumps and other defects.
• Avoid excessive UV ink piling. Soft UV ink is recommended.

ClingMAG Usage and Storage

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