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What to know about using flexible magnets

The easy manipulation of flexible magnets permits design innovations and automated manufacturing techniques not possible with rigid or brittle materials. Flexible magnet materials can be bent, twisted, coiled, slit, punched, and otherwise machined into almost any shape without loss of magnetic energy.

Flexible magnets can be customized for use everywhere from offices to warehouses, garages to craft tables, and restaurants to classrooms. Adams can fabricate flexible magnets to your final desired size and color. We can also tell you right now how many pieces of your final size magnet you can get out of a 200 SF roll of magnetic sheet. And how much your order will weigh based on how many pieces you want. Just open our sheet size calculator and plug in the size and total quantity, and we'll tell you how many pieces per roll and the approximate weight of the shipment.

Common applications for flexible magnet

Adams Magnetic Products provides the following documentation to provide specifications and information about our flexible magnet products. Each specifications sheet can be downloaded and printed for your reference. Please check back often for updated information, and contact Adams Magnetic if you cannot find the information you are looking for.

Product Specifications

Adhesive Specifications

At Adams Magnetic Products, our most commonly used adhesive types are:

  • IB1178 - for indoor applications
  • P201 - for outdoor applications
  • 9568 - for more tack when required

However, we can supply our magnets with almost any type of adhesive available, including foam and permanent/removable adhesive.

Please click to view and download the following standard adhesive specifications used with Adams Magnetic Products flexible magnets.

Cleaning and Storage Recommendations

Flexible magnets left on a vehicle over extended periods of time may become difficult to remove. Also, flexible magnets on vehicles left in direct sunlight may become bonded to the paint surface if not removed and cleaned regularly. Please download our flexible magnet cleaning and storage recommendations for more information.


Flexible Magnet Cleaning and Storage
High Tack 2 mil Rubber Indoor Adhesive
High Tack 1.2 mil Rubber Indoor Adhesive
Acrylic Transfer Tape Good for Low Surface Energy Applications
1/32” Thick Foam Adhesive
1/16” Thick Foam Coated Rubber Based Adhesive
High-Performance Acrylic-Based Adhesive
Rubber-based Outdoor Adhesive
Rubber-based Indoor Adhesive
High Tack Acrylic Outdoor Adhesive
MegaMAG® Wide Format Direct Print Magnet Sheet
MAGBond® Magnet Media System
Flexible Magnetic Sheets
Matched Pole Strip
Standard Magnetic Strip