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Product Overview

Flexible High Energy features

Adams supplies high energy flexible magnet strip in energy levels 1.0 through 1.4 in strip or die cut shapes.  High energy flexible magnets can be magnetized through the thickness in several configurations. If you are not sure which method is best for your application, please ask your salesperson or click here for more details on magnetization.

magnet strength comparison

Common applications


Strong magnets

The term “strong magnet” is used most frequently to describe rare earth magnets, which are the strongest permanent magnets available. 
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We make our high energy strip to order. Most orders ship in 3 days or less. Additional sizes, shapes and adhesive choices are available. Just ask!

.060” High Energy 1.4 Magnet Strip in 100 Foot Rolls by Width

Item# .060 Plain Item# .060 Adhesive Width (Inches) Pounds Pull Per FT Roll Weight (lbs)
23A0046 23A0048 0.50 8.50 5
23A0049 23A0051 0.75 12.75 8
23A0052 23A0054 1.00 17.00 10
23A0055 23A0057 1.50 25.50 14
23A0058 23A0060 2.00 34.00 20

.125” High Energy 1.4 Strip in 100 Foot Rolls by Width

Item# Plain Item# Adhesive Width (Inches) Pounds Pull Per FT Roll Weight (lbs)
23C3046 23C3048 0.50 9.50 9
23C3049 23C3051 0.75 14.25 14
23C3056 23C3054 1.00 19.00 18
23C3055 23C3057 1.50 28.50 28
23C3058 23C3060 2.00 38.00 37

A note about our adhesives

Adhesives listed are outdoor grade. We will help you make the best choice if you let us know to which substrate you are applying the adhesive.

Added value services

In addition to fabricating this material to your exact size and shape, we can apply adhesive or vinyl to one side upon request. We can also package them in individual bags or other package types.

Design and handling considerations

High energy flexible magnets can be easily fabricated to exact dimensions with small tolerances. Please enquire about your exact size requirements. This type of magnet does not chip, crack or shatter and is an inexpensive solution for light duty holding applications. The operating temperature is -40°F to 160°F.