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What are Flexible Magnets?

Flexible magnets (strip and sheet) are a type of magnet made from ferrite powder and rubber polymer resin. These bendable magnets are not as durable as heavy, solid magnets; but they offer a lightweight alternative that can be cut into a variety of shapes and used for a wide range of applications in factories, schools, homes and businesses.

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Stock or made to order

Adams can create flexible magnets in custom widths, thicknesses and lengths in one of our two fabrication facilities in Chicago, IL or Irvine, CA.  Our flexible magnet is available either plain or with a range of adhesive options including foam, rubber, acrylic, and double-faced. We also offer cutting, scoring, die cutting, and custom magnetization.

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Who uses flexible magnets?

Strip and sheet magnets are used for thousands of applications, including:

Sheet & Strip Stock Selection
Adams offers a wide selection of Sheet & Strip magnet products. Click on your desired product type for stock product specifications.
Our magnet strip is made in the USA and is available in rolls or pieces, plain, with adhesive, or with color laminates
A stronger version of our standard magnetic strip, made in energy levels of 1.0 to 1.6 for more holding strength
Standard magnet sheet is 24” wide and comes plain, with adhesive, or with matte or gloss white laminates
Adams’ MegaMAG™ available in 40” or 48” in plain, with adhesive, or with direct print laminate options
Everything you need for magnetic labels, including pre-cut and write-on / wipe-off options, yellow and more
Apply magnets face-to-face or even side-to-side without worrying about aligning the poles!
We offer magnet receptive foil tape, lightweight metal sheet with paper surface and even printable ferrous sheet!


Selecting the right adhesive is critical to product function, and is dependent on the type of material you apply our magnets to, and under what conditions they will be used.  We have several options to work for indoor applications, outdoor applications, or when more tack is required.  We can supply our magnets with almost any type of adhesive available, including foam and permanent or removable adhesive.  To view and download our standard adhesive specifications, click here.

Benefits of Using Flexible Magnets

The easy manipulation of flexible magnets permits design innovations and automated manufacturing techniques not possible with rigid or brittle materials. Flexible magnet materials can be bent, twisted, coiled, slit, punched, and otherwise machined into almost any shape without loss of magnetic energy.

Why Choose Adams for Flexible Magnets?

Adams can fabricate flexible magnets to your final desired size and color. We can also tell you right now how many pieces of your final size magnet you can get out of a 200 SF roll of magnetic sheet. And how much your order will weigh based on how many pieces you want. Just open our sheet size calculator and plug in the size and total quantity, and we'll tell you how many pieces per roll and the approximate weight of the shipment.

We offer several options for strip and sheet orders!  Just to name a few:

  • Selection of paper, vinyl, and polypropylene laminates
  • Indoor, outdoor, and foam adhesives
  • Lamination on two sides
  • Magnetized on both sides
  • Un-magnetized
  • Custom magnetization such as matched pole
  • Custom pole spacing
  • Slit sheet widths from 2" (50.8 mm)
  • Scored strip rolls from 0.25" X 0.25" on rolls up to 1500'
  • Maximum sheet width of 48"
  • Cut sheets  and die-cut shapes
  • Custom packaging

Size Range

Size Parameter



Smallest Width



Largest Width



Shortest Length



Longest Length

1500 Feet

400 Feet

Smallest Piece size

0.25 X 0.25"

2.0" X 2.0"

Largest Roll Size

3" X 1500 Feet

40" X 50 Feet or 24" by up to 600 Feet