New Catalog, Hot off the Press!

We are delighted to share our new catalog with you, hot off the press! What’s new in this edition? So many things! Here are just a few:

  1. Updated flexible magnet coverage: We’ve added updated information about our fabrication capabilities, available in Elmhurst and Carlsbad, CA. We’ve also added a MAGbond Magnetic Media System overview, and included our new high energy wide-format magnetic sheet (40” wide and still printable!).
  2. Low profile neo channel assemblies: At customers’ requests, we’ve added super-strong low profile assemblies to our mix. Check out examples on page 21, and be sure to ask us about hooks and fasteners if you need help making those connections.
  3. Countersunk neodymium ring magnets: Great for latches and closures, see our new countersunk neo on page 23.

And there’s more! Our new 2018 catalog features an explanation of pounds pull, updated ISO certification and ITAR registration, and an updated support section full of useful facts and figures. There’s even a page for notes in the back where you can notate any custom projects.

Request your copy today. Once you receive it, please let us know if you see anything that attracts you (pun intended!), or if you’d like to meet with us to discuss any current projects or ideas. If you don’t want to wait, you may download a PDF copy the catalog.

You are welcome to visit us in Elmhurst or Carlsbad . We’re always delighted when our clients and business partners can see first-hand the quality of our manufacturing processes, and the commitment to excellence our team strives to achieve every day.

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